Between relocating the restaurant and the irregularly wet weather we may only have a limited fall crop this year. Please check back midsummer for updates or follow along at Bon Palay.


St Brigid's cross, An old Irish symbol of exalted humility fashioned in spirit from the ancient goddess known by the same name and celebrated for spring fertility, fire and song. With all its significance it isn't gilded or jeweled. It isn't molded from gold or silver. It remains as it was fashioned eons ago... a simple weave of grass... power in simplicity... humbleness... its not dressed up...  losing meaning... adding meaning... the cross like st Brigid is a heady mix of seasoned sentiment and perennial hope... myth and timeless truth of human condition... of legend of old and spirit of new.

The cross is fashioned from simple elements.... not meant for permanence except for the indelible marks on us and the reverence for the simple pleasures it represents in spring fertility, fire and song. In kind, good food, craftsmanship, and a sensory celebration of life is our approach.

So too should food be... wholesomely indulgent... simple.... from simple elements and crafted with contemporary spirit. Each experience making a mark on us... an indelible impression... to expect the same again and not less maybe.... to see something new for the first time.... and to see something familiar new again.  As foodies we strive to cook the type of food we would want to experience ourselves. A natural extension of that process involves growing the ingredients we want to cook with.