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Brigid Farms offers seedlings for rare and uncommon peppers and tomatoes and basils and other not so common edibles that can double as ornamentals like lemon grass, turmuric and ginger plants. Also available are rare and uncommon peppers and tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, basils, and more throughout the appropriate season. These fresh items, once purchased are available for pickup the following week.



It's a daunting task to offer new menu items that depend on the in-house production of critical ingredients. In testing Mangluk this year for its feasibility the results have far exceeded our expectations. The container grown production is great and efficient and the flavor is spectacular. Going into this fall and into 2019 results like these will really allow Bon Palay to dive deep into regional tradition and offer more of the local food we've been wanting to share.


Baby Mangluk

Between Running the restaurant and juggling a germination and transplant and care schedule for all of the things we want to grow we have landed on the most efficient system for us. Peat pellets work great and really help with managing watering from below.



keep it simple .... as the restaurant got busier it made sense for many reasons to switch to the larger cans of coconut milk. The quality is also much better and there's less waste than happens with the smaller cans. An added benefit is that these cans really turned out to be the perfect solution for how to container grow so many Mangluk plants. The results have been spectacular.


Full Circle

After heavily harvesting each plant and enjoying the bold flavors in test dishes for the past few months the plants still put out an impressive array of flowers and the resulting seeds we collect will allow Brigid Farms to produce enough Mangluk for all of Bon Palay's purposes going into 2019.

Fresh AND exotic

Fresh AND exotic